About me

My sophomore year of high school I took a tumbling class.  I was into martial arts and wanted to be able to do a back flip kick like I had seen in so many movies.  Once I learned how to do a flip,  was hooked.  I continued with the tumbling classes, then became a gymnastics coach when I turned 18.  I loved having a job where I could get there early and stay late to play around with learning new movements!  When I graduated from high school, I went to Brazil for a year to learn capoeira.  Finally I had found a martial art that satisfied my need for constant movement.

Throughout my time learning gymnastics and martial arts, I injured myself quite frequently.  I discovered that I had an instinct for using pressure points to help with the pain and tightness caused by the injuries.  I continued to develop this instinct as I learned new movements.  I learned a pressure point that could relieve headaches, another that could help with a cough, and others.  One day I gave a friend a back rub.  The next day she wouldn’t stop talking about how much better she felt and told me I needed to be a massage therapist.

I enrolled in the massage therapy program at Body and Soul therapeutic massage school, where I completed training in Swedish massage.  I was hired at Sveta’s Skin and Body Therapy, where I was given further training in massage for sports injuries and hot stone massage.  I also got married and soon after we had our first child.  I gave up being a massage therapist to search for something that would provide health insurance for my new family and after a few months of searching with no luck, I joined the U.S. Navy.

While I was in the Navy, I purchased Coach Sommers’ book “Building the Gymnastic Body” and a set of gymnastics rings.  I hung them from a doorway pull up bar in my barracks room and began my journey into gymnastics strength training.  After only a few months with this new training program I could do a strict muscle up and had also learned to do a few strength moves that the other guys around me couldn’t come close to doing.  When I got out of the Navy, I worked in aircraft manufacturing for a while, and went back to coaching gymnastics for a while.  Then I decided I wanted to start my own business.  I opened a massage studio and began working on my personal trainer certification.  I also started the exercise science program at Wichita State University.  I earned my personal trainer certification in April 2016.  In November 2016, I got accepted into the graduate school to earn a Master’s in Exercise Science.