Giving up already?

Do a quick Google search about it and you quickly find out that 80% of Americans HAVE ALREADY GIVEN UP on their New Year’s resolutions by the 2nd week in February. There are as many reasons for it as there are people giving up, but one thing is a factor in every one of them – stress. “I’m too busy” translates to “I’m too stressed out dealing with everything else to worry about this”. How about “it’s just too hard”? That is practically saying “it’s just too stressful”. So what should you do?

GET A MASSAGE! Most new years resolutions are about taking care of yourself, yet few people think about the relaxation side of wellness. People want to lose weight, get stronger, eat healthier – all with the goal of improving health. Massage is great for your health. It relaxes tight tissues, reduces inflammation, improves circulation, and can help to eliminate pain.

Another benefit of massage is that it is very effective at reducing the effects of stress. People who get massages regularly find it easier to stay calm in those times when life happens. What does this mean for YOU? By reducing your stress, massage may actually help you stick with your resolutions longer. You can be one of the 20% who makes it past the 2nd week of February!

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