Benefits of Massage?

If you’ve never had a massage before, you probably should.  EVERYONE needs a massage, because EVERYONE has stress, bad movement patterns, or both.  In Western society, most of us spend a large amount of our day sitting – we sit while we eat, we sit in the car, we sit while we are in school or at the office, and we sit to relax while we watch our favorite reality shows, and let’s face it, none of us sit with perfect posture all the time.  Even the most posture conscious of us will slump into the recliner after a long day.

Why does this mean you need a massage?  Because all that time sitting, especially sitting with bad posture, creates bad movement patterns in the body that lead to some muscles getting tight and others getting weak.  One of the most common bad patterns is forward head position.  In this pattern, the head is allowed to jut forward, creating excessive strain on the muscles in the back of the neck and tops of the shoulders, as the farther forward the head moves, the “heavier” it gets.  To illustrate this, try holding a light weight out to the side for a while.  Even just the weight of your arm alone will start to tire out your shoulder if you hold your arm out for a few minutes.  This is what we do to the muscles in our necks all the time!

Another problem with sitting is that spending too much time in this position shortens the hip flexors (the muscles on the front of the hip that bring your leg up in front of you).  One of the major hip flexors, called the psoas, crosses over the front of the hip and then goes through the lower abdomen to attach to the front of the lumbar vertebrae.  If this gets too tight, it will pull the lower back into an exaggerated arch position – which leads to a whole host of other problems, especially the obvious lower back pain.

Massage can help by easing tension, releasing tight muscles, restoring mobility to stiff joints, and improving circulation to replenish oxygen and nutrients for tissues to heal.

If you have stiffness or pain, message me today to schedule a massage and experience the benefits for yourself!

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